Our Strategy

March 4, 2022
Recently we received a shipment of dozens of pallets full of food, clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, and baby products - an entire semi-truck full of basic survival supplies. Over a few weeks we're distributing it all with help from groups like Community Movement Builders, Marshall Rancifer's homeless outreach, and the Kilombo School. This is the beginning of an exciting new strategy the Atlanta Survival Program is pursuing.

Regional Circulation

Through our partnership with Distribute Aid, we are connecting to supply chains outside the Atlanta Metro area. This allows us to source large shipments of materials from anywhere in the Southeast - and beyond. It also means that surplus we accumulate in Atlanta can be directed regionally, for example to respond to flooding and other disasters which impact impoverished rural communities.

Federated Mutual Aid

As the scale of available supplies increases, we need much more capacity to distribute it all. Rather than just growing our own organization, we're making connections with other radical aid groups to help. Through federation, we ensure that the resources we receive are strengthening a diversity of liberatory projects. We also hope to promote mutual aid as an organizing strategy by facilitating cooperation between different groups around procuring material resources.

Logistics and Counter-Economics

Everyone on the Left agrees that capitalism has failed humanity. But what can we do about it, in a political system where voting and even protest seem to do little to change the conditions of daily life for oppressed people? We see logistics (transporting, organizing and distributing supplies) as a key component of counter-economics - the development of a real operating economy which rejects capitalist values. Social movements emerge from ideas and passion, but they run on bread, diapers and medications. Historically, from Black liberation to labor union strikes, the ability to secure and direct basic necessities to people fighting for a cause has been vital. It's mandatory for any movement which seeks to build real power and create lasting change.

Join the Effort

This strategy depends on participation. If you share our vision, please contribute. Sign up to volunteer and set up a monthly donation. Together we can build an economy for a liberated world.