As the world attempts to respond to the medical and economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, untold millions across the globe have been laid off, are on leave, or have had hours reduced, including millions here in the U.S. While we struggle to remain healthy and to care for family and friends, many of us are concerned about paying April and May rents, at a time when groceries and health costs have become our primary concerns. While congress rolls out proposals to alleviate the burden for home owners, banks, and corporations, the majority of us are unsure of what comes next.

Today, we are organizing across the world, and across the city in particular, to think and act together about our future.

We need a rent freeze. We need a moratorium on credit reporting and a hold on the filing of evictions. We can’t wait weeks for Washington to figure this stuff out; we need to organize together now to notify our landlords and property managers that housing is a public health concern, and that we are unable to pay as normal in this time.

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