Free groceries for anyone in need


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone, particularly those already marginalized and unprivileged. Food4Life has been there since the earliest days of the pandemic, enabling community members around Atlanta to help each other survive by caring for each other's vital needs.

Food4Life grew out of a project called Food Not Bombs. When the pandemic hit in 2020 we massively scaled up, delivering groceries to households impacted by the pandemic or by general economic hardship. The all-volunteer project made over 14,000 grocery box deliveries in 2020 and 2021. When we learned that outdoor gatherings are quite safe, we transitioned back to the pre-pandemic grocery distribution model, allowing people to show up and select their own food. We are still delivering on a smaller scale to those who cannot come to in-person grocery distributions.

Core ethics

We believe food is a human right. Our core ethic calls on us to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We encourage everyone to both take food and help in whatever ways they are able. We do not believe in creating divisions between "volunteers" and "beneficiaries".

The program is straightforward in practice

Bulk food is donated by charities, grocery stores, community groups, and farmers. Volunteers pick it up and bring it to the giveaway locations. Food and other goods are given away to anyone who shows up, no questions asked, no papers demanded, nothing expected in return.

Get Involved!

How to get food:

Just show up to any of the weekly free grocery giveaways around Atlanta. No one will demand documents or information or place any expectations on you. Take as much as you need (while respecting the needs of others). If you would like to donate food or items or volunteer your time, that is very welcome but not required.

For people who can't come to the grocery giveaways, deliveries of pre-made grocery boxes happen as our limited volunteer resources permit. Sign up to receive deliveries.

How to volunteer:

Sign up to get text messages about volunteer opportinities, or just show up to one of the grocery distributions and talk to the volunteers. See the calendar below for events you can show up to.

How to donate goods:

Bring items to one of the free grocery giveaways, or get in touch to arrange a special time to drop them off.

Get Free Food:


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